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Viridicon Consulting

Viridicon Consulting is a Project Management and Construction Management entity in the group. This side of the business focuses on the consulting part of a building project. There is a lack of knowledge in construction in the current economy and especially up into Africa. Coupled with this, cashflow factors and other risks in the construction environment often mean a client will prefer to supply resources for a project and not employ a main contractor to undertake the entire project. In this instance Viridicon Consulting is available to a client to assist on a month to month basis at a fixed consulting fee or a cost-plus agreement to undertake the project with the client.

Key Areas


The Key areas where Viridicon Consulting can assist clients are identified below: 

  • Assist clients in all building stages of a project
  • Programming of the project
  • Cost saving during the construction process
  • Quality management
  • Management of sub contactors on site on behalf of client
  • Focus on time, quality and cost pyramid to ensure highest value for money

Through our network of Quantity surveyors, this function of the business also employs quantity surveyors to assist
clients on a project basis when cost reporting, budgeting and other financial requirements are needed. Viridicon
Consulting can provide tailor made QS packages depending on the need of the client.

Quantity Surveying Services


Quantity Surveying Services rendered include: 

  • Drawing up of Bill of Quantities
  • Estimating for tendering purposes
  • Cost Management during a project
  • Final accounts
  • Procurement


Viridicon Zambia is the first of our African footprint. We operate under a Construction Management contract in this country as per the Viridicon Consulting formula discussed above. We believe Zambia is one of the key countries north of South Africa that will be used as the door way into the rest of Africa in the future and hence why we have established a presence in this country.

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