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By insourcing the various professions, Viridicon can increase the margins for our clients and allow them the opportunity to be more involved in their developments. An example of this can been seen on our current residential development in Athol, Sandton.

We have been involved in this project form the beginning in assisting the landowner with zoning, design and feasibility studies. The execution stage of the project is to follow and Viridicon looks forward to either completing this development as main contractors or through the streamlined Construction Management option offered through Viridicon Consulting.

Viridicon Developments are constantly looking for development partners to move forward on new projects with, and welcome any of our stakeholders to engage with the Viridicon Group

Property development

  • Opportunity Identification
  • Feasibility Assessments 
  • Development Funding
  • Design management
  • Production 
  • Property Management 

Project/Construction Management

  • Assist clients in all building stages of a project
  • Identify best price
  • Identify best practice
  • Manage contractors on site on behalf of client
  • Focus on time, quality and cost pyramid to ensure highest value for money
  • Identify and assist client in selection of professional consultants for a job  

Green Building

When building an asset in this day and age it is imperative to consider the current situation of energy supply in our country as well as abroad. We can advise you on new building techniques and options available in the market that will assist you in developing a building that will save on energy consumption during its construction phase as well as its life there after. The result of this is a huge saving on time during building, energy during use and ultimately money saving in its entirety.

  •  Advise clients on best practice and materials
  • Advise clients during design stages on beneficial energy saving techniques
  • Manage the production phase to ensure contractor adheres to green building specifications
  • Assist client in attaining green star rating with Green Building Council South Africa

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