Viridicon Group

Welcome to Viridicon Solar Solutions

Viridicon Solar solutions is a renewable energy solutions company. 

The sun is the most important and under used resource in South Africa. With the rising costs of electricity, now is the time to turn to solar.


In making a property more self-reliant, costs are lowered, and environmental risks are lessened.
Viridicon solar Solutions strives to be at the leading forefront of Home, Commercial and Industrial solar solutions. 


 We offer a variety on the following products.

Water Saving Solutions:

  • Residential Solar Water Heating
  • Solar Geysers (EVT Tubes)
  • Residential Heat Pumps
  • Commercial Heat Pumps
  • Large Scale Industrail Water Heating
  • Water-less Urinals
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Grey Water Harvesting

At Viridicon Solar we can assist you with saving on your electricity bill through power generation and power saving.

PV Power Generation

  • Grid Tie Solutions
  • Back Up Solutions
  • Hybrid Solutions
  • Energy Audit

LED Lighting Solutions

LED Bulbs are a must these days in homes or businesses. If you are looking to start saving electricity start by changing all your existing bulbs to LED's. You will see an immediate  reduction in your monthly bill. We supply new fittings for residential or commercial installations. 

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Street Lights/Solar Street lights